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Have you made a list yet? The list of all the people you’re buying presents for followed by a string of question marks as you try to think of anything good to get them? If that’s where you are, this is the place to start! From Vintage Icon Watches designed to catch your eye to Small Cooler Bags that make the perfect lunch box or snack-on-the-road portable while looking fabulous, there’s something for everyone. The Aunt Fern and Elephant & Company Table Lamps add a decorative flare and a glow to any room, and for the kid–or kid-like friend in your life–any of the Silent Sweep No Tick Tock Talking Alarm Clocks is bound to be a hit. Looking for something fashionable to give someone you know? As a statement to their taste (and yours!), give them something versatile and beautiful with a..

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Hey there Karma Kiss family! We’ve missed you guys! That’s why we’re going to share with you today, KarmaKiss’ newest gifty things to grab for yourself or to gift to someone special in your life! So, how was Mother’s Day for everyone? Are you guys ready for Father’s Day? We’re actually working on a pretty sweet gift guide to help you pick just the right gifts for your old man. Maybe this list of our newest gadgets will be part of your shopping list! Our Hamsa Good Luck Pen is one of our favorites. When you’re writing things down, it’s important to have the best tools at your disposal for optimal note taking. Plus, it’s crafted so nicely that you will always want to have it on you anyway.  Well, it’s a bit late to give this Box Sign It’s..

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You know the old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words? So, how many words is an interactive 3D tour of our cool new store in Alameda, CA worth? Must be a gazillion, right? Thanks to the amazing Emily Olman from Hopscotch Interactive (you can find them on Facebook or at @hopscotch_biz on Twitter), you can now tour our Alameda store and tell us how you like (or not so much) it, give us some feedback, and also find ideas for unique gifts without getting out of your cozy warm house. Share your thoughts with us: Twitter: @krmkss Facebook: or email: Here it is, enjoy:

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Babies come by stork. The best gifts in the world come by owl – KarmaKiss Gifting Owl that is. Online shoppers at can get a box of gifts magically transported through the mail. My KarmaKiss Gifting Owl did a special makeover on gifts for everyone in my family (including me) from the practical to the artistic. Loose plastic knives and forks and spoons…In my house, they look like a jumbled mess in my kid-styled kitchen. The KarmaKiss Gifting Owl decided to show me the stylish way to store fruit in my kitchen while offering up a modern art arrangement of the dreaded scattered silverware. The Utensil Fruit Bowl is that special bowl that I didn’t know I wanted. It is a little like a Picasso for the modern mom. Metal silverware melds together in a delicate, yet sturdy way..

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Today is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day! What’s this special occasion, you ask? Why, it’s a day to celebrate everything that makes you unique. What do you personally excel at? What secret expertise do you possess? Find out fun ways to celebrate your unique talent! Make a fancy drink: Perhaps your unique talent is whipping up a mean martini? The BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner will let you create all kinds of concoctions. Add your favorite ingredients, spin, and serve your perfectly mixed drink! Be a great aunt or uncle: Your little niece or nephew adores you. Maybe it’s because you bring them such awesome gifts? Keep up the tradition by getting them the Eco Snoopers Plush Backpack Rabbit, featuring a fuzzy bunny and made from eco-friendly materials. Draw a masterpiece: When you pick up a pencil, you create beautiful works of..

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We’re rapidly coming up on Black Friday, the most ominous shopping day of the year. Instead of spending your Thanksgiving eve up at 3am and out in the cold waiting to snag deals on gifts, stay indoors under a warm blanket and shop online! Our Black Friday experience will be the perfect end to a wonderful day full of food and merriment. You’ll thank us later — we guarantee it! For Kitchen Lovers Everyone knows someone who loves to cook. Why not offer them a change of scenery when it comes to fresh ground pepper with the Fred & Friends Pepper Grinder Daily Grind? Each twist from this stainless-steel grinder covered in European beechwood brings a touch of pepper to a meal. For smaller wannabe chefs, teach them where their favorite food comes from with Sow & Grow: Pizza Chef...

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Be kind, rewind. While the familiar 90’s video store slogan is technologically out of date, being kind never goes out of style. On November 13th, celebrate World Kindness Day. A little pay it forward never hurt anyone and it was always nice to have a rewound VCR tape. To help remind you to be kind on World Kindness Day, we suggest a little shopping. For the person who has everything For the person who has everything “kind”, leave the Kindness & Compassion Greeting Card, Necklace & Charm in their mailbox. A 14K gold-plated charm necklace combined with a card expressing the sentiment of “Kindness & Compassion – These are the gifts you share with the world. Thank you”. For the Eco-Friendly friends For friends that are kind to the environment, the Thank You Card – Green Owl is the perfect way to..

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Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, feast, and be thankful for each other’s company. It’s also a time when the host putting on Thanksgiving dinner could go a little cuckoo from the planning, table setting, cooking, entertaining and beyond! Relieve some of that holiday stress by bringing over the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving host. They’ll be so excited to get these gifts, they may just be tempted to whip up another pumpkin pie — and that’s a win-win for everyone! Before Thanksgiving Dinner Begins Chances are there’ll be some kind of cocktail hour before Thanksgiving dinner is served. Help them out by giving the BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool, which covers every alcoholic base you could want covered. Peel a twist in a martini, muddle the right herbs, squeeze out fresh juice, uncork a dazzling..

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Are you tired of playing the guessing game when it comes to your Holiday shopping? It is particularly difficult to shop for that manly geek in your life, but everyone deserves a well thought out gift. We’ve heard it many times before, “Guys are easy to shop for, just keep it simple.” But the geek in your life may need some extra time shopping for and Karma Kiss has you covered every step of the way. Follow our successful sequence of using each gift to its full potential. 1.       Does your manly geek enjoy nightly bike rides? Why not light up his life with some of these cool blue Wheel Brightz Bicycle Wheel LED lights? He can ride in style, and not to mention, in season with the festive lighting.   2.       After a strenuous bike ride, sometimes all a man needs..

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Halloween is just around the corner! For some people it is their favorite holiday and getting spooky, fun gifts for them is just what you’re looking for. All under $15, you’ll make someone’s day and stay within budget!   1. This awesome little key ring not only gives you light, but roars while he does it! Who doesn’t want a pocket dragon for Halloween? It’s great for kids or for kids at heart!   2. If someone you know is throwing a great party, why not help them out with Halloween wine bottle stickers? This pack of stickers fits around most wine bottles, giving them fun and creepy new labels. Or, wrap a bottle of wine before you bring it to a house party! Either way, it makes a great gift! 3. We all know a person who collect shot..

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