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It’s back-to-school month, and you must be excited to face all the wonderful things this new school year will bring. But it does help when you know you’re ready to take on the challenges, especially the mind boggling ones. Knowing your capability definitely increases your confidence. And what can be a better way to discover it than taking a cool IQ test? Find out how clever you really are with our Personalize It – Diy IQ Test. This fun little package is a charming way to determine your smarts without the intimidation. Inside the box you’ll find a lovely welcome letter, an explanation, a booklet and some puzzles for your training. The IQ Test is sealed fresh; and there is a postage envelope to send it back in order to view your results. This IQ Test is not for the..

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Here is one fantastic paper project for your kids to enjoy! The Happy Paper Toys are a series of self-assembly projects which combines children’s book designs and 2-dimensional cutouts. Take away those scissors, each item can be easily popped out of their pages. All you need is a clear glue, a string, and a lot of patience! Parents can help out with their little youngins aged 4-10, while kids 10+ can handle the challenge by themselves. There’s a fun, comic-styled instructions available per each set, in case of queries! The finished item can be used as a beautiful décor to be placed on shelves, hung on mobiles, or play it up with other paper-made toys!     Buy this and other similar items on Karma Kiss!

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A new school season is starting soon, and you’d want your child to be equipped with all the best back-to-school items you can lavish on them. Sure, you’ve thought about the little things like the pens, pencils and notebooks, but how about a bag? Well, if you want a surefire way to get your child more creative and standout, Karma Kiss’ Madpax Dinosaur Spikes Full Backpack is just the perfect accessory you can buy for them, especially if they adore these prehistoric creatures. This bag exudes a punk-rock flair with a splash of neon colors. And oh look! The spikes on the top makes them look as if the dinos were here and real! The wacky design plus the catchy hue will certainly make this bag a nice item for your kid. You may even buy this item for your..

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What’s this? Another weekly deal? Yes, you got it right! We’re serving you up two weekly deals this July to August week. With the coming of the fresh, new, summer month, we bring you a colorful container that you can use for many purposes. It’s our Product Spotlight too, so be sure to check it out! The Striped Sweater Pencil/Makeup Pouch is a perfectly snazzy little case where you can store all your small items (pens, pencils, makeup, and other whatnots) in fashion. Why would you carry your stuff in an old, ho-hum pouch when you can have a versatile, stylish little container where you can store away all your small essentials? Karma Kiss’ Striped Sweater Pencil/Makeup Pouch comes in four colorful, stripe-y designs and are machine washable. Perfect for those who are arming themselves with chic back-to-school items. This..

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Summer time is the perfect season for the kids to go out and play with their friends, go on camping, or travel around with their parents and learn more of they things they can’t when inside school. During a day at the park or a trip inside the family car, children can’t help but go thirsty and hungry. Of course, as a parent, you’d want to make sure that they can enjoy good food and drinks even while they’re out. So keep their packed drinks cool during this hot summer to quench their thirst—one perfect way to do that is to keep their snacks inside this cute and nifty little bag. Karma Kiss’ Purple Dandelion Small Cooler Bag is a perfect companion for children going out into the great outdoors in this warm weather. While it appears to be small,..

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Does your timer go cuckoo? This nifty little product is literally cuckoo, but in a good way. A timer is a simple tool an ingenuous and creative housewife needs.  Ordinarily, a housewife stays in the kitchen most of the time to prepare at least three meals a day for her family. To do this, she must make the most of her valuable time and energy to keep track of her kitchen activities. Not only should she mind her cooking but also her movements in the kitchen and nearby areas of work in her house. For this reason, we offer a beautiful kitchen timer that does not only count minutes but also provide an attractive accessory to the kitchen.  Our timer comes in cuckoo design in bright colors of purple and orange.  Purple is the color of womanhood and orange is..

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We all know how campfires create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere for retiring bodies. As everyone gathers around the open sky, with the stars just overhead, nothing can be as comforting as the soft glow of embers from this favorite night light. The trickling sound of the fire consuming the wood; the heat it produces at it dances in the darkness, and the bond created by the people who gathers around it is truly something magical. Everyone slows down for a fun evening of stories. This experience quietly erases memories of anxiety one has in their regular routine. Being in a camp is a perfect getaway; both for the adventurous and those who want to have a retreat. The fire is one thing that binds everyone during that moment; settling around its warmth and light. Anyone who goes into a camp..

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Since we’re crazy about ceramics this week, we’re dishing a product spotlight under the similar category. And you can count, literally, that this is something which may perk up your attention, one number or another! We’re talking about the Counting Numbers Mug, from 0-9, a great gift for the numerical aficionado who loves counting and accounting everything into place. We can’t live without numbers, and we’re putting the numbers right into our own mug. The Counting Numbers Mug can either come from a single piece (individually bought with your lucky numbers on it) or as a whole set. It’s a unique concept you can use on special occasions as well as every day. Why, you can replace your birthday candle with two mugs (unless you’re a hundred years old), and make it as a present for anyone turning a year..

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No more boring desktop for you, with these wooden and witty companions. When work becomes too much and you need time to refresh, having leisure items next to you definitely helps. Take your time off your load and get an intelligent recharge with handy puzzles that will not only prove you’re a genius, but an environment friendly advocate as well! Toss away your old, toxic plastic toys and grab these Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles from Karma Kiss. Enjoy the bamboo’s smooth wooden finish with the knowledge that these items are produced without harming the earth or taking a chunk from its already depleting resources. The Bamboo Brainteaser Puzzles are created from renewable bamboo, with innovative shapes that will fit on your grip and get your creative juices flowing. The collection features different levels of difficulty ranging from 1 to five, and..

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Are you a drink enthusiast? A wine connoisseur? A jiggle and juggle hopeful who will soon enter the world of bartending? Or are you just an ordinary homeowner who wants to make life easier for everyone, even if it is just pulling out the cork? Either ways, BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool is something that will fit your pocket and your wallet for an enjoyable wine consumption. Check out this post and discover what else you can do with this nifty little tool. From a brand known to produce all-in-one bartending essentials, the BAR10DER All-in-One Home Bartending Tool is an all around utensil that will make practical drinking more convenient. It fits comfortably in your hand and delivers a multipurpose application for any drinking problem. You can display your skills as the host of your own bar with this little..

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