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Music and books go together, I believe. It’s such fun to read your favorite novel along with a nice soundtrack playing in the background. It helps us absorb all the thoughts and things in a widely, imaginative way. Music puts us in the mood, and gives an interesting new view of every word we read. This is why I think Karma Kiss’ Headphone Bookend Set is just a perfect thing for the young, musical and bookish. Headphones are cool, youthful and just hip, while books are classically charming. Putting them together in one product makes it an interesting item to place in our shelves and desks. The Headphone Bookend Set is made from stone resin, making it a hardbound material perfect to put any number of books in place. It measures 8.5”H x 10”L x 4”W. The set looks awfully..

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We all like double-duty things. For one, it saves us a few bucks for buying another item a particular product can cleverly perform. Two, it saves us from the hours of finding two different equipments because this one solves all our needs. It’s really nice to hit two birds with one stone, as an adage goes. Lucky for you, Karma Kiss has gathered all the strange and unique items that works two ways or more even, depending on your creativity. This one is no exception. The Get Real Solid Beechwood Coffee Scoop & Clip is a lovely kitchen helper that will help you ease on your coffee and condiments, and works best to seal them crisp and safe after opening. The beechwood material is honed with various images that makes it decorative as well as functional. And because Karma Kiss..

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Landing fresh on the Karma Kiss’ Spring 2014 shore is Surya, a vertically-integrated manufacturer of home accessories. It has been around for more than 35 years, with its brand associated with luxury products created with high quality craftsmanship and innovation. Where it all began When the Federated Group, now known as Macy’s, went to visit India to discover handmade products for its stores, Surya Tiwari made a bold approach at the prospect. The Indian teacher in the village of Ugapur has become a businessman, helping his countrymen creating lavish, decorative products for the home that can be sold all over the US. Surya managed to start with a small launch, but his products captured the eyes of many retailers abroad that he gained more patrons. The Surya brand was created in 1976 and has now expanded into a full-blown brand..

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As parents, you may have imagined what your kids are going to be when they grow up. For those who have girls, we want them to be forever darlings; little angels who will always have a happy disposition and are loved by everyone. We wish them to grow up as pretty as the dolls they play with, with hearts as light and hands ready to embrace us. For little men, we’d like them to be diligent, disciplined young lads, brave and courageous, smart and sincere. As much as possible, we’d like to endow them with the best skills and talents for them to grow up as the perfect sons and daughters we have always prayed for. But, of course, that’s when they turn into their teens. Our young boys soon learns to throw a punch at his classmate and becomes..

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Kits are important because they serve as a handy storage of tool necessary to make our lives more convenient. You know, like those first-aid kits we grab whenever our little tots encounter a bad boo-boo, or those medicine kits where you hide your most-trusted paracetamol and anti-flu chewables to keep sickness at bay. We’ve got a lot more of these kits in the house; a tool kit for the dads and a little sewing kit for the girls. But how about mom? If she had a kit, what would it contain? Karma Kiss gives you a peek of what’s inside the Mommy’s Magic Kit. In this product, moms could trust on handy tools to keep their children happy, busy and comfortable. Some of the tools are: A disposable bib, whenever the baby burps and barfs A disposable place mat to..

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From the amazing all-in-1 Bartending tool BAR10DER comes another product that will surely make put you on the party’s spotlight. Introducing the BAR10DER Cocktail Spinner, a uniquely designed tool that will aid you in becoming that oh-so-awesome barista. The one to two serving tumblr comes with: A 20-ounce container in clear BPA-free plastic, A built-in strainer to take the pulp off from your fruity chills A drip-free pouring spout so you don’t have to be scared of spills What makes us love this item: You get to concoct drinks at your own leisure, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. There’s no need for you to go to the nearest bar to grab a good margarita! If you grab this item, it’ll be good to purchase the BAR10DER tool too! These two goes hand in hand with each other, making drinks and cocktails more..

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Let us introduce you to one of the Karma Kiss brands: Kikkerland. The design shop has been around since 1992, and with the same inspiration as Karma Kiss, Kikkerland has culminated amazingly novel items that makes life more pleasurable. Their goal is to infuse function with design, allowing users to gain a visually stunning product that can be utilized in their daily living. The designs from Kikkerland are “ingenious items combining form, function and delight in equal parts.” We like how this design shop was able to curate witty, funny and smart designs for the enjoyment of its customers. Our Kikkerland products are composed of intriguing items that will help you travel in style. Take a look at this collection of Controversial Passport Holders; there’s something strange about them, isn’t it? Well, these holders make your trip more exciting. Just..

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There are so many ways to say “I love you.” Sometimes, it’s making him coffee early in the morning before he goes to work. Sometimes, it’s pulling out an umbrella over her so she wouldn’t get drenched under the rain. You can give her a pat on the back when she fails an exam. Or give him a good hug when he wasn’t able to get that promotion both of you have longed for. Each day, people say “I love you” to one another unconsciously. But this product is pretty much a simple but straightforward way of reminding one of your feelings. “Give it, get it.” That’s what a True Heart is for. To give love and receive love. Featuring a gold-plated pendant, this little card is enough to let anyone know how you are fond of them. The lead-and-nickle-free..

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A star consistently shining under the winter sky is this ambient lamp from Artecnica. Dubbed as the Starlightz, this decorative fixture is a splash of neon and classic vibe, adding an unusual radiance to any space. Handcrafted and eco-friendly, it’s the perfect item to spark up your room or desk into something more magical. Kaleidoscopic lights are emitted from the star-shaped lamp when a halogen bulb is turned on. Starlightz is 100% burn proof; there’s no need to be scared about having this item burned and scorched over long periods of use. The material is wood-free and is hand-made in India. What’s more, it’s UL listed and is GS-marked for safety. The product comes in a flat pack and can be easily assembled by any user. See the video below and watch this item put together:  

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A company that joins hands with established and emerging designers, Artecnica seeks to contribute to the home and lifestyle world with inspiring decorative objects. Led by Enrico Bressan and Tahmineh Javanbakht, the company highlights products made from recycled materials. Their roster of designers include Tord Boontje, Yusuke Oono, Hella Jongerius and the studio Rich, Brilliant, Willing. Artecnica runs with a program called Design w/ Conscience (Dw/C), a curriculum which highlights the manufacturing and production of products with humanitarian and eco-friendly principles. Its goal is to promote sustainable communities of talented artisans dwelling in underdeveloped countries; giving them livelihood as well as aiding them in exposing their art. Karma Kiss collaborates with the Artecnica in bringing you beautiful decorative home items that you cannot find anywhere else. Our first installment from this brand is their collection of Starlightz, an ambient series..

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Since we have been talking about smart ways to survive the rest of the winter, we thought we’d like to go on with the topic. Now, despite the cold, baths are important to everyone; it makes us feel squeaky clean and confident. But taking hot baths in the cold weather can be difficult, especially when one finishes showering. Stepping out of the bathroom after a hot soak gives a shocking change to the senses. While you might want to step on a throw rug instead of that freezing marble tile, we’ve got another alternative that’s practically perfect for the weather. Any weather, that is! The Thirsty Cork Floor Mat is a useful alternative to rugs. You don’t need to have your favorite woolen rug soaked in water, just use this cork mat and prevent from slipping and sliding on a..

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Santa Claus comes peeping right into that glass of milk! See him with his jolly smile and twinkling eyes in this set of 4 coasters from Karma Kiss. This fun item offers a Christmas-y decorative motif for your table and desks, adding a dash of holiday flair to any setting. More than being a decorative item, it’s a good way from protecting any counter and table from spills and rings. The Peek-a-boo Santa Coasters set comes with 4 absorbent stone coasters, each with a unique design of a sneaking Santa staring at your drink. This is perfect as a gift too! It’s packed in a printed box with illustrations by Debbie Taylor Kerman Inc. Add this item to your Christmas decoration and enjoy having Mr. Claus inside your home. Buy the Peek-a-boo Santa Coasters here >>     Credits: Miss..

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