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Dogs – Who doesn’t love dogs? Just think of how much you’d miss your little fur friend when you travel without them. That is why Karma Kiss has a pack of six Fluff Cute Dogs Luggage Tags. Fondest memories you’ll always keep of man’s best friend, not to mention a uniquely stylish luggage tag, separating your bags from the other boring ones. If you travel the way we do, you’d be the first one at baggage claim before the bags even come down the chute. A lot of luggage on those belts are colors that blend right in with each other. Even if your bag isn’t one to stand out, your tag will be the thing that sets your things apart from the others. Whether you’d like a tag that looks just like your pup, or wish for one that..

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Greetings, friends of Karma Kiss! How did you all enjoy your holiday celebrations? We hope you got everything you wanted this year, but if you didn’t…We’ve got you covered! Our lucky (and loved) team members were gifted a few of Karma Kiss’ awesome selections, for their Christmas gifts this year. Check out some of the essentials on their wishlists, that they needed to be prepared for this New Year of 2015! The Porthole Flask: Who needs overpriced beverages on NYE, when you can carry around 5 oz. of your own choice of alcohol? We’re kidding, but seriously, this flask is essential for when you may need a little liquid courage after a hard day of work, or to simply have a taste of your favorite libation (whenever you want). It’s inconspicuous and sleekly stylish. Buddha Pens – Set of 4:..

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Recycled, made in the USA from beginning to end, and full of sass and class – Those are just a few reason why we like Alexandra Ferguson’s simple and chic pillows and bags. She didn’t just make it easy for people around the world to get their hands on eco-friendly made décor, she’s opened up the door for folks to step up and follow their conviction to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Likableness # 1 WTF Pillow – Don’t be afraid to say it out loud, and in color. On the other hand, if you’re in an environment that requires you to be quiet, just throw up this pillow and scream into it if necessary.   Likableness # 2 BREATHE Pillow – Perfect for yoga sessions, or for a couch that needs some relaxing encouragement. If you ever feel the need to..

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“Think Small” was one of the world’s most famous advertisements for the Volkswagen Beetle. But you don’t need to think small here — you have to think “roomy.” With these Monster Factory VW Wash Bags, it’s time to send yourself back to the Mad Men era without sacrificing any space while you travel. Instead, you can enjoy the aesthetics of the 1960s with one of these easy-to-use bags. Officially licensed, design approved, and endorsed by Volkswagen, these fashionable bags keep everything you could want or need while traveling handy at a moment’s notice. The Monster Factory Wash Bag VW Beetle is comes in a vibrant orange color, whereas the VW Camper Van wash bags feature either a beautifully bright blue or bold cherry red design. Check out the attention to detail — from the sheen on the tires to the..

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Here we all are, turning the pages towards the end of the year once more. The sun is still shining, and Fall has arrived. For many, this season brings on allergies, colds, and the longing to just feel cozy and warm in preparation for winter season to come. What do you imagine in your perfect cup of tea? Sugar, spice, and everything else nice? Not only is fall one of our favorite times of the year, but it is made even more special because we can throw all of that goodness into one of Karma Kiss’ unique tea infusers. The Tea Infuser Octeapus or the Fred & Friends Tea Infuser BREW WHALE would be idyllic for that marine biologist in your life – Okay, maybe you don’t personally know one, good news! If you know anyone who likes tea and..

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Are you tired of playing the guessing game when it comes to your Holiday shopping? It is particularly difficult to shop for that manly geek in your life, but everyone deserves a well thought out gift. We’ve heard it many times before, “Guys are easy to shop for, just keep it simple.” But the geek in your life may need some extra time shopping for and Karma Kiss has you covered every step of the way. Follow our successful sequence of using each gift to its full potential. 1.       Does your manly geek enjoy nightly bike rides? Why not light up his life with some of these cool blue Wheel Brightz Bicycle Wheel LED lights? He can ride in style, and not to mention, in season with the festive lighting.   2.       After a strenuous bike ride, sometimes all a man needs..

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“Has anybody mentioned TEA? Because that is this animal’s SPECIAL-TEA.” Please excuse the pun, but really. If you have this specie right inside your home, you cannot mention any Ts without thinking of TEA. This breed thrives in it. This breed dwells in it. And this breed swims in it as if it’s a wide-scale ocean on the horizon. We call this breed the MANATEA. This cute, pudgy little animal is your best companion for your tea-drinking session. The food-grade silicon manatee is designed to make your relaxing teatime more enjoyable by having this toy swim around your concoction as if it was its own territory. But other than becoming your drinking friend, the Tea Infuser MANATEA also gives off the right amount of flavor from the tea leaves so that you can enjoy your cup with the flavor you..

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Joining our league of wonderfully curated brands is Alexandra Ferguson, a name associated with amazing accent pillows. This proudly Made In The USA company is spearheaded by a woman who has a deep conviction for saving the earth with beautiful home accessories that are mean to brighten up your day. Alexandra Ferguson Pillows are made in recycled materials, using felt and polyfill inserts. Covers are made from fabrics that can easily be spot cleaned, for the fussy, neat-freaks who wants their items to be sparkling clean. During the years, Alexandra Ferguson Pillows have gained attention from many home magazines, including Detroit Home and Conde Nast Traveler. Why We Love Alexandra Ferguson Products The answer is simple. We love anything that makes a home more homey. And what’s more, is that these pillows do the talking whenever we can’t! Filled with..

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You’ve never seen anything like it. A lovely, four-pawed lamp that glows brightly in the dark. A pair of cat eyes staring from beyond, glimmering with life and magic. And traces of symbols all over its body, a handful of marks that tells that something mystical is about to happen. Well, all that magic is going to depend on you. But this lovely lighting accessory will give you just the right push! Introducing, the Porcelain Cat Ambient Lamp. It has long been dwelling inside the Karma Kiss store, along with its other magical lamp creatures including an owl and a gnome. We love this item in particular, and we know many others did too! Why, this item is among our most-favorite products, which is why it is worthy of a spotlight. Perfect for: Cat lovers, Interior decorating enthusiasts, Woodland-themed spaces,..

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Say you care with a card, and say it creatively. Karma Kiss points you to a collection of unique, illustrated card series that will put a smile on the recipient’s face. Or maybe plaster a grin. Whatever reaction you’d like to have, you can just pick a perfect card to match up that mood. And you can never go wrong with wonderfully illustrated greetings that aren’t normally found in the bookstore. Calypso Cards publishes and distributes creative, fun cards with a focus on humor and contemporary art, giving voice and style to everyone’s desire to connect. And you’ll find it delightful that CARTE (Calypso Art Editions), commissions artists from around the world. Their roster includes Budi Satria Kwan from Indonesia, Lorena Siminovich (originally from Argentina, now living in the US and working on her Petit Collage children’s collection), Jonathan Smith..

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Say you’ve gone out camping. It’s the last few days of summer and you want to spend it nice and easy. You want a getaway. Somewhere far from the hustles, from the chores, from Facebook. You’ve decided to come in the middle of nowhere where there’s an open sky, lots of swaying trees, a peaceful brook and a relaxing time to fish. You were ready for this getaway. But you weren’t ready for the surprises. Just when you expected nothing to go wrong, something did, and it scares half of your wits. You’ve brought no toolbox. No equipment. Just the car, your tent, and your friends. Good thing, you’ve brought this: the Multi-Purpose 10-in-1 Survival Tool. It slides into your wallet and fits like a credit card. Who would’ve known this will be helpful in such situations? The handy little..

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Pump up your daily rituals with your favorite tracks to keep you in the mood for work and play. There’s nothing better than having your best playlist accompany you during your morning newspaper reading or a more tranquil yoga session. And when you want to sing and dance in a louder beat, you can raise the volume by adding the Wireless Monster Amp to your regular music plays. Consist of 2 403W powered speakers, this device is created to fulfill your want of sound (or noise)!  It’s compatible with most mobile phones, computers and mp3 players. No fussy wires needed, so you don’t need to worry about connection. Just place your device on top of the Wireless Monster Amp, and you’re good to go! It comes in red, black and blue versions. Wireless Monster Amp Features: Choose your favorite color:..

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