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Kids love dreaming big. They get their ideas from the things they see which inspire them; teachers, doctors, policemen, and of course, superheroes. Every kid dreams to become someone great, someone who can save people and someone who can change the world. Now, giving them superpowers may sound impossible, but allowing them to be covered in the full hero garb is easy with the SuperMe Hero Bubblicious Backpack. This bag is well equipped with your child’s superhero costume changing needs when he/she needs to go undercover! It comes with a cape, an eye-mask and a patch. It comes in three color varieties: Pink, Red and Black. SuperMe Hero Bubblicious Backpack With Cape Features: Superhero cape discretely hidden in an easily accessible stow pocket. Matching eye mask to complete the look when wearing the cape. Shield-shaped Velcro to attach any emblem..

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This summer, a handful of enchanted girls will come visiting the innermost part of your home, delighting every onlooker with their grace, kindness and magic. It’s about time you follow Peter Pan’s advice in closing your eyes while exclaiming “I do believe in fairies!” because in a moment or two, some of them will be floating around, giving you a lovely smile in agreement. This Delightful Paper Doll Chains in Fairy design will allow you to be once more, gay, innocent and heartless, feeling like a child while surrounded with tiny magical creatures you have always believed to be alive. In just one click, a chain of these pleasant paper fairies will be delivered to you, and your little childlike dreams will come true. Send someone the joy of seeing true fairies! You can never be too young or too..

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Yes. It’s not a glass, but a vessel. A vessel shaped like a giant tusk made to carry your favorite liquor like a warrior you are. If you and your family have watched the animated film How To Train Your Dragons 2 or is following the final episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, this is something you can relate to. Of course, you don’t need to engage in really terrifying battles just for you to have one awesome drinkware like this! The Das Horn Beer Drinking Vessel is a unique item perfect for function and for decoration. It holds about 24 ounces, just enough to get you your fill even if you’re a strong drinker. And you don’t need to be afraid of carrying an ivory tusk; no animal was harmed in making this item. The Das Horn is crafted..

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Coasters are decorative and useful elements essential to our modern homes. Despite them being small, no dinner is complete without them. They provide a nice protection for out tables by keeping our glasses and cups in its right place. It takes away the hassles of wiping frequent liquid rims left over by cold drinks. It also prevents spills and messes on desktops. A well-known brand of decorative coasters, trivets and Lake Art inspired products, Coasterstone landed on Karma Kiss because of its durable products with lovely illustrations fit for contemporary kitchens. The brand began as Hindostone, which first appeared in the 1800s as knife-sharpeners. Hindostone reappeared in the 1950s as a brand of cuticle removers used by professional manicurists. In 1983, however, the brand Hindostone was bought by a couple, Jay and Sandy Peacock. The developed natural-stones were first turned..

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Need a hand in the kitchen? Are you having a hard time battling off the fire from frying food? Do you want an extended little help to help you pick up the pieces from the pan safely? Well, we’ve just got the hand for you, and they’re quite the most adorable little help you can have in your kitchen! Introducing Streamline’s Applause Claws Tongs, a pair of colorful clappers, ready to be your right (or left) hands in the kitchen! There’s no need to look like you’re beaten off from mixing up all the salads and drying your fritters from all the oil. You can pick everything steadily with another pair of hands without getting yours in a mess! It’s the perfect serving utensil when it comes to salad, pasta, cakes and even ice. And with its adorable design, it..

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Children are quite the fussy eaters. For them, picking up the fork and munching on their lunch is just the same as doing a chore. But how about making eating fun for them? How about sparking their delight when it comes to dinner time? Fred & Friends make eating easy with the Dinner Winner food ware! This colorful illustrated plate comes with different food portions lined up like a race track. Cover these sections with different foods; veggies, corn, beans and all the healthy stuff, and start an eating race in the family. No skipping is allowed, so the kids will be forced to munch on each and every item as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t it be nice if you see the kids voluntarily eating the food they used to avoid? With the Dinner Winner, eating will always be fun!..

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The little details make your overall fashion appear stylish or sloppy. Accessories like belts are important in mixing and matching colors, as well as keeping your bottoms stay in place. It could be quite fussy to find the right belt to suit your needs, but here in Karma Kiss, we’ve uncovered a brand that will give you a tasteful style as well as a functional item you can personalize. Introducing the Winky Plastic Recyclable Belts. It comes in many modish colors which can match any personality and palette. Offering waterproof characteristics, it is made out of recyclable plastic and is hypoallergenic; perfect for those with sensitive skin. The belt features a toothed plastic buckle that is both trendy and useful for keeping the strap in place. One thing we like about this belt is that it fits all sizes. That’s..

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It’s surely time for Spring! So says this lovely timepiece we call Blossom Watches. Inspired from the beautiful, vivid colors of Spring, you can enjoy the radiance of the season with this accessory. Little girls will love them; fashionable teens will adore them. Each watch is designed with a daisy-type bloom, with a neat little flower at the center of its face. Choose between the colors Hot Pink, Bright Blue, Fresh Green or Lovely Lilac! The Blossom Watches are packed neatly inside a clear plastic box and is a perfect gift for young girls. Be in this season! Purchase the Blossom Watches here >>

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Want something strange in your backyard this Spring season? Why not let the chirpers visit and dwell with you with this charming Carrot Bundle Birdhouse? Hang it on one of the tall branches in your backyard and let the birds find their own comfortable dwelling place right inside your very home. Because of its orange color, the warblers won’t have any hard time to locate their loft. It’s also made out of a sturdy material so it will not break easily. Make it a highlight of your Spring cleaning; add this in your home and allow nature’s little chorus group to sing within your outdoors. PS: This makes a perfect gift for bird lovers too! Just make sure you put it high up so that clever rabbits won’t try to munch their way in! Love it? Buy this item on..

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Jessica Kagan Cushman (JKC)’s products are always worth a second and a few more looks. Why? Other than the fact that they evoke a distinct Victorian-inspired style, these items are created with fun, modern designs that match the taste of a contemporary woman. The brand started out as a jewelry line that sells at different prime markets under Bergdorf Goodman and Neue Galerie. Her products are whimisical trinkets containing off-beat cameos, including pop art depicting animal heads, gorgeous Victorian ladies and skulls. JKC’s products are considered “unorthodox.” However, Karma Kiss loved their items more, knowing that everything is well-made and genuinely crafted from practical materials. Some of the JKC products we featured were a hit among our female fans. Take a look at what we’ve got in store for you, under the JKC line: Emotional Baggage tote featuring a cheeky..

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Ah, pets. They’re adorable. They light up your life like a constantly cheerful companion, wagging their tails and rubbing their fur whenever you’re around. Unlike humans, pets remain to be your friends whoever you are, whatever you’re doing. They wouldn’t mind if you don’t look as handsome as always, or when you’ve got a bad session of measles. They’ll always be there for you, whenever you call, and it’s just right we credit them for all their goodness. Karma Kiss wouldn’t forget pets; we too are a bunch of animal lovers and it’s always awesome to show how adorable they are. And there’s no better way to showcase how great our lovely little friends are than a unique set of pet tags from Tell Tails. These tags can be easilly attached to your canine, feline (or pet of any kind)’s..

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What are we going to do with all those eggs this Easter? Oh sure, it looked fun when we started coloring and dyeing and painting on them, but after that, what? Well, we can suggest making sandwiches and meals garnished with these ingredients. And nothing can help you more than this Ukulele Egg Slicer from Karma Kiss. Eggs can be difficult to slice, but this product helps you get the right kind of garnish without breaking the whole thing. The lovely little item looks like a tiny ukulele, and despite its inability to make real music, it can be helpful in creating perfect dishes for your homemade goods. It’s food-safe and comes packaged in a PET box. Give it as a gift or buy it for yourself. Either ways, you’re sure to enjoy this creative item, with a lot of..

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