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Snowmen are in this season; we’ll be seeing more of them this winter as the snow piles up on our backyard during the frosty, cold days. Each of us are armed with a carrot, a pair of buttons and dead tree branches as we sculpt these creatures out of the snow. Winter is never complete without them! But just like seasons, the existence of these snowmen are as fleeting as their material. When the sun’s radiance shines with all its warmth, our well-sculpted species melt and clump down. The good thing is, while there’s still snow, we can rebuild and rebuild them again. If you’re too tired or too cold to go out to enjoy making a snow man, our Melting Snowman is just the right present for you. The little white frost is actually made out of polymer. However,..

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Looking for something dandy to store your cash in? You’re in luck! Karma Kiss brings you the niftiest, dandiest collection of wallets from Tyvek, a brand known for its nicely printed paper wallets for the cool consumers. Check out our collection of Tyvek wallets and find the perfect print to match your personality! The BITCOIN Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition features a retro face print from the inside out. Almost, if not everything, is Made in China. This paperwallet blatantly says so! The GALAXY Tyvek Wallet – Paperwallet Pattern Edition is perfect for the chic fashionista who is always looking at the stars. How about some florals? Put some Hype in it with this printed wallet. Add a dash of Aztec print with this Tyvek design. This is an artist edition of Matacho; a one-of-a-kind design fit for a one-of-a-kind friend!..

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There’s a crowd of topless, stomach-bulging, denim-wearing midgets around the table and you might be wondering what they’re all about. Well, they’re not going anywhere other than your stomach. A new addition to our collection of unique gifty items, these Muffin Tops Baking Cups may just be a baker’s perfect tool for concocting a seriously tasty but ridiculously looking cupcakes to fill every hungry dessert enthusiast. Karma Kiss’ Muffin Tops are made to be filled with your secret batter. As they bake inside the oven, these denim-clad cups develop an extra “belly” in the middle, reminding one of chubby handyman who loves walking shirtless, or when dad’s own top cannot handle the mass of his own flabs. This funny gift set is perfect to give to an aspiring baker. What’s more, it’s packed with baking tips that will make your..

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A little token of love, light and life, Karma Kiss’ Seeds Necklace is charming accessory you can give your loved one this season. Featuring brightly colored beads, the necklace has a minimalistic appeal that matches any style. It adds the right touch of elegance, emphasizing the wearer’s beauty more than any flashy accessory. Give a string or two of these accessories and let them feel your appreciation with a beautiful jewelry. The Seeds Necklace comes with a nickel-free sterling silver plate chain. Buy this item on Karma Kiss>>

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Add a new charm to your kitchen and dining experience with the Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker Set. Taking a new spin in the term “season,” these loveable animals represent their own weather. The cuddly rabbit stands for spring, camel for the hot summer, the graceful deer for autumn and the polar bear for the cold winter. All of them sits together in a white plastic tray, housed in their own “snowglobe” which turns into a wonderful play whenever you shake the seasoning out of their shaker. Trod into the endearing animal parade march by bringing these creatures into your table. Your dining experience will definitely be more fun, and flavorful having them around! The shaker set is made with different hole sizes; use it for salt, pepper, mixed herbs, sugar or even chili. Buy this item on Karma Kiss >>

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Remember when your trash bins look entirely ho-hum? Well, this item just got reinvented and it looks all nice and dandy to brighten up any space. If your partying enjoyment is only for a limited time, why not bring the memories of your good times into your space with a large, bright red bin that reminds of that cup you used to sip into? This time, it’s a tad bigger and a lot more functional. With this item around, throwing trash in its proper place can be fun too! We’re loving this party-cup designed item and we’re bringing it into your homes and offices to make your room more creative, or at least to spark a few nice memories whenever you get blank. You will never look at the iconic red party cup the same  again. As a song goes,..

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We can all remember days when we find tattoos overwhelming. As kids, we gaze at these artworks with large, curious eyes. I could remember dashing for the nearest ballpen to draw myself MY own tattoo, of course, to the great disgusto of my parents. It’s not right to write on yourself, especially as a kid–when your scribbles and dribbles are unfortunately clumsy and not in anyway decorative! Perhaps you as parents may have encountered children playing pirates, marines and heroes, where tatooes are a must. It’s nice to know that that there are many things we can do to solve a kid’s inky craving–give them an artificially temporary one; something that is as beautiful and won’t stay on their skin forever. Introducing the Tattly Temporary Tattoos. The Tattly Temporary Tattoos is a tattoo kit meant for the kids and kids-at-heart...

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Our first item to review this October is all about a memorably metallic companion that does not only fit perfectly as a décor, but is also a nice ally to keep things in check and in order. We’re talking about the Robot Wall Hanger from our Wall Décor collection, a finely tuned automaton with the sole intention of holding your kids’ stuff away from the floor. It doesn’t actually speak, beep or even move; but we think it’s nifty enough to place on a wall and teach kids a lesson about neatness. Put this up on their wall and let the kids enjoy and gain the habit the hanging things onto their proper places. Tidying up their room will cease to become a tedious boring task with the Robot Wall Hanger! Made from durable powder coated steel, this is a..

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The cutest, most adorable coin bank has long been dwelling within Karma Kiss’ outskirts. Why, nobody would dare to evade the charming, rolling eyes of these little kittens as they stare! Everyone will be delighted at the round heads with a small smile, eager to be petted and loved! We have no doubt that cat lovers will definitely get fond of this little friend. And we’re also counting on non-cat worshipers to finally get out of their fright or fiendish reactions against this bubble little creature whose only goal is to adorn your desk and to remind you that you have to save up. It’s not just cute in itself—it also helps you put those precious pennies away to save for the rainy days. Ornamental and functional at the same time, this gives off a charming decorative flair anywhere you..

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The elephant never forgets, so they say, but this particular gentle giant will surely help you take those unwanted memories away. With this adorable desk companion, you can now conveniently shed those unneeded things on the table—old files from years ago, some scary looking drawings, receipts from overspending, and more. Not only does it shreds, it also sharpens too! Sharpens your pencils, that is. But of course, a good pointed pencil is needed to bade those dulling minds away! The Elephant Paper Shredder And Pencil Sharpener has a suction cup feet which helps this smart creature stay firm and secure to most flat surfaces. There’s no need to worry about it falling down with an imbalance, just make sure you put it in a safe position on your desk. No batteries required, you can me the best of this note-worthy..

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Writing has been a difficult task to some, and picking up a ball pen rather than typing on a keyboard is rather tedious. However, we can’t live without writing, so why not put some excitement in it by using something more fun? If you’re bored at scribbling down lectures and homework, you certainly won’t be dull with our new item, the Tentacle Pen! Surprise your teacher with this scary looking ball pen, appearing like a squid’s tentacles and is eager to squirt out its black pigment anywhere! Trod on with your writing works with this creative extra hand to help you pull off those dozen of words. Enjoy the whole writing experience by setting a grip on its resin material and let your writings glide on paper with a black ink!   This is a perfect gift for the sea..

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Does classic ring a bell? Our Classic Retro Princess Telephone definitely rings with a stylish, retro style that is made to fit the desks of all ages. The 1950’s inspired design gives back a romantic nostalgia to those who have used the phone just when it is starting out. However, the dated look does not exclude all the modern technological features of the present times. This retro phone with a beautifully smooth curved receiver has a push-button dial, a detachable chord, and even a redial feature! There’s no need to push all those numbers back and forth. Perfect for a lady’s desk or a parent’s table—those who loved the industrial and romantic appeal of the vintage ware infused with novel functions for today’s needs. It comes with two colors: lilac for the little lady, and turquoise for all gender and..

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